We recognize host communities as key stakeholders and when possible prefer to award service contracts to Nigerian companies. This approach not only fosters local prosperity, capacity and competence but also makes Nigerians active stakeholders in our projects.


At EER, we are strongly committed to protecting the environment and ensuring that host communities will be able to share and benefit from the successful development of their natural resources.

We actively seek to adopt international best practices whilst developing efficient and effective management systems. Our Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is project specific and incorporates strategies to conserve and preserve existing flora and fauna, control air and water quality, maintain noise level and control waste management.

Sustainability and Local Impact

Sustainability is an integral part of our business at EER (as well as ensuring long term growth). We are commited to creating sustainable shareholder value by ensuring all our activities are carried out competently and in a cost-effective manner.

By taking into account and prioritizing social and environmental factors, we support the empowerment of host communities in the long run.