OML 113 is an offshore oil concession block which covers an area of c.835km2 from continental shelf to deep water. The block is located in the Benin Basin in the offshore waters of western Nigeria.

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    OML 113 Location Map

    The Aje field, which forms part of the offshore OML 113 block (originally OPL 390) is located 24km from the coast of Nigeria and 64km from Lagos. The Aje field is close to the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP), which passes through OML 113 and is approximately 12km from the Aje field.

    OML 113 is immediately adjacent to OPL 310 which made a significant hydrocarbon discovery in the Ogo-1 well, as announced by LEKOIL Limited in October 2013. The OML 113 partners and OPL 310 partners have carried out an extensive 3D seismic programme across OML113 and OPL310 to better define prospects in both licences. The seismic data will assist in the future development of OML 113.

    OML 113 was awarded to YFP as a sole risk contract in 1991 to encourage the growth of the Nigerian upstream oil industry. Following the successful discovery of the Aje field, the license was converted to OML 113.

    EER, through its wholly owned subsidiary EER Colobus, acquired a 9% participating interest in the block from Chevron.
    Further to OML 113’s main discovery (the Aje field), Aje-1 was drilled in 1996, 3 more wells (Aje-2, Aje-3 and Aje-4) were subsequently drilled in the surrounding areas between 1997 and 2008.

    Data gathered from all 4 Aje wells show that the field is primarily liquids rich gas but also contains oil below the main Turonian gas reservoirs and oil in the deeper Cenomanian reservoir, and gas condensate in the Albian interval. According to AGR TRACS Competent Person’s Report, the Aje field is formed in a four-way dip closure containing 202 mmboe of gross 2P + 2C Reserves.

    In 2015, the Aje 5 was drilled as part of Phase 1 oil development that will produce Cenomanian oil from Aje 4 and Aje 5 wells only.On the 3rd May 2016 the Aje field officially achieved 1st oil production at a rate of about 7,000 bopd.

    The attainment of this milestone is an historic achievement for the Nigerian oil and gas industry as it celebrates the first commercial hydrocarbon production outside the prolific Niger Delta basin.

    The OML 113 partners have been working on increasing oil production and 2P reserves from the Aje Field through drilling of new wells.

    Furthermore, the OML 113 partners are working on an Aje gas Field Development Plan (FDP) to produce the significant gas reserves in the Aje field for the socio economic benefit of the people living in the West African region.

    Finally, the OML 113 partners’ interpretation of the 2014 3D seismic data shows material prospective resource upside in OML 113.
    The OML 113 partners are truly excited about the future development of this asset.

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