At EER, our aim is to provide significant social and economic benefits to empower and transfer skills to Nigerians especially in host communities where we operate. Our strategy is to develop sustainable business investment models, achieved by carrying out focused research on enhancing the capabilities of indigenous firms and related services.

  • The company carries out extensive research on methods that can be adopted to enhance the capabilities of local services and firms.
  • Our on-going actions and initiatives are based on implementing the Nigerian Content Act as approved by the Nigerian Government.
  • EER is a primary adviser to a major IOC on local content and community related issues in Nigeria.
  • EER has played a strategic role in resolving community based conflicts in the past.
  • EER, through the “Foundation Trust” initiative is committed to a proactive and strategic bottom-up community engagement approach in line with the principles outlined in our Community Engagement MOU.
  • EER has assisted in funding a number of local community support projects. We have also supported companies in developing local content, and community related polices with a view to forging cordial relationships with host communities.

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